B. Sc MLT( 2 years Program Evening Shift)

In 2007, higher education institutes of Pakistan started BS (4 years) MLT Programs. Before that, B. Sc (2 years) MLT Program was running in different institutes recognized by HEC. To fulfill the deficiency and to convert the B.Sc. (2years) to B.Sc. (Hons) degree; HEC provided policy guidelines to convert annual to semester system. According to HEC policy guidelines for implementation of semester system in higher education institutions of Pakistan:

“A 2 year Bachelor Degree under the Annual System is equivalent to 50 credit hours under the semester system. The candidate can get benefit of maximum 50 Credit Hours or less on course to course basis. A Bachelor (Honors) degree program will consist of 124-136 credit hours. Students after 2 year Bachelor degree (annual system) should be enrolled in Bachelor (Honors) Program to complete remaining 74-86 credit hours”.

Program Structure

  • The duration of the B. Sc (Hons) MLT program will be 2 years
  • The semester system of examination is followed.
  • The program spread over 4 semesters; each of 16 weeks intensive course work.
  • Each student has to complete 74-86 Credit hours course work which includes practical work in the MLT specialty.
  • There will be maximum of 25 seats.
Program Category: 

This program is taught at

KMU Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Hayatabad, Peshawar